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Lima, the Capital of Peru, was called City of the Kings by the conquistador Francisco Pizarro. Today, that same city that arose on the earths of the native cacique 'Taulichusco', will be the headquarters of the "XXXVI Pan American Congress of Otorhinolaryngology and Head & Neck Surgery".

The department of Lima is located on the western center area of the country. By the West, it is bathed by the waters of the Pacific Ocean, and by the East, it reaches its limits with the Andes. It has an extension of 33.820 km2 and it is a metropolis with a population of over 9 million inhabitants. Its capital is Lima, one of the most important cities of South America. Its soft and warm climate throughout the year is due to its vicinity to the beaches nearby absence of rain. The word "Lima" derives from "Rímac"- word in the quechua language that means talkative. After the decadence of the "Virreinato" and many series of political and emancipation movements, on July 28 of 1821, general José De San Martín proclaimed Peru's independence, which consequently initiated the Republican party. Until this day, Lima proudly conserves its convents and old colonial homes. Nowadays, it is a modern city in constant growth while still keeping the wealth of its Historical Center at the same time. It was also declared as a Cultural Heritage of Humanity by the UNESCO for being a charming haven of past times full of incomparable artistic monuments that are one of the many touristic places to visit during the evening.

Lima is celebrating, the Creole song is all dressed up, the beautiful Liman women embrace their beauty and grace. These are lyrics of a song, and there are, in fact, plenty of reasons for Lima, capital of Peru, to celebrate its architectural beauty and gastronomy.

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